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20 Inspirational Photographers To Follow on Behance

01. Suren Manvelyan Your Beautiful Eyes takes a close up and personal look at the human eye. Manvelyan also created a similar series titled Animal Eyes Born in 1976, professional photographer Suren Manvelyan got into the medium at the age of just 16. Since then he’s gone on to create numerous series and campaigns, such as the … Continue reading

Above & Beyond’s connection with India

Above & Beyond will celebrate their 450th TATW radio show with a landmark event in India on 10 November 2012, teaming up with Sunburn Festival promoters Submerge. TATW450 will take the form of a marathon 8-hour broadcast with a host of Anjunabeats’ most cutting-edge acts playing alongside Jono, Tony and Paavo. Having named their legendary Anjunabeats label after a beach in Goa, Above & Beyond’s connection with India is deep and long-standing. With the country’s club scene growing rapidly and a … Continue reading

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Wanna Wakup To Something Inspiring ?

Panning in Digital Photography

What is panning in digital photography Simply said, its a technique of slowly moving the digital camera along with the moving subject while keeping focus on the moving subject. Our aim is to blur the background except our focus area Camera Settings : 1/5 of a second f/20 and focal length is 52mm Camera / lens … Continue reading

3 Techniques for drawing attention to your subject in the photo

Below are 3 techniques which we would like to share with you to keep the subject in focus while composing a photo. Both of these 3 techniques can be applied in during shooting or can be applied in post production. Is somebody watching me ? Photo of s squirrel 1. Blurring the background or area’s … Continue reading

Motion Blur in Digital photography

Simply said, motion blur is effect produced over the moving subject. In this case we will not be moving the camera and will be shooting in a low shutter speed. In the above picture lowering the shutter speed will give you a smooth ’milky’ effect to the running water. Camera Settings :1/8 of a second … Continue reading

Upcoming Competitions in UAE

Event: Emirates Photography Competition Deadline Date: September 30, 2012 Organizer: ADACH/EPC Updated: February 24, 2012 Under the patronage of International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH) is organizing the Seventh Session of the Emirates Photography Competition (EPC) 2012. In each annual session, the EPC has a “Main Theme” … Continue reading

16,000 & Counting ! Thank You For Your Support !

For roughly last six months or so, I have been writing this very blog page that you read from. In that time- I have written74 blog posts, not counting the one which you are reading. I think that count is pretty darn good, and I’m proud of what I’ve done overall. Some of my blogs … Continue reading

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