The 2012 Fujairah Photography Award has been launched

The Fujairah Culture & Media Authority have announced the 2012 Fujairah Photography Award that aims to highlight the cultural, aesthetic and intellectual aspects of Fujairah. The contest is accepting applications till the end of July and accepting image submissions till December 31, 2012.

The contest is open to UAE Residents and all nationalities are welcome to participate.

We’ve put together the main aspects of the contests to save you time:



There are two categories to this year’s contest:

(i) The General Category:  “Our Heritage….Our Wealth”. 
More specifically, the contest organisers are looking for images that highlight the traditional heritage that Fujairah is famous for. Images submitted should help to promote the preservation of Fujairah’s heritage and authenticity of the past.

The category includes the following themes:
Different traditional arts (Ayyala, Harbiya, Rizeef, Youla, ..etc).
Fishing and fishermen, their daily activities and the tools and equipments they use.
Traditional food.

(ii) The Specific Category: “Fujairah Mountains”
This category is inviting submissions that showcase the aesthetic sides of Fujairah Mountains which are surrounded by an aura of glory and greatness that creates, along with the harmonious sea by their side, a masterpiece of nature’s art.


Fantastic prizes for the winners so make sure you work hard for your entries. The prizes are as follows:
Grand Prize:
– A Hasselblad Camera (The model isn’t specified but hey, even the entry level Hasselblad is 31megapixels and is worth a lot of money)
First, Second & Third Prize:
– The first, second and third prize is Dhs 20,000, Dhs 12,000 and Dhs 10,000, and award sheild and a certificate respectively.

How to Participate:

This is not an online contest so requires a bit of work but it’s reasonable and you don’t need to travel

Download the application form from here.
Fill in the application form before the 30th of July 2012 and send it by email to:, or by fax to 092222959. You will receive a confirmation of receipt.

 Entries can be delivered in person to
1) Fujairah Culture and Media Authority – Fujairah
New Fujairah Tower – 9th Floor – Office No. 906
Phone: + 971 9 2222678
Sunday – Thursday 8am-2:30pm

2) Fujairah Culture and Media Authority – Dibba
Opposite Dibba Al Fujairah Theatre, phone: + 971 9 2440996

Or by Priority Mail to the following address:
Fujairah Culture and Media Authority
P.O.Box: 7444, Fujairah,
New Fujairah Tower – 9th Floor – Office No. 906
Phone: + 971 9 2222678
United Arab Emirates


This contest has two deadlines – the first one is an application deadline. You need to submit the appication (email is fine) before July 30, 2012. The image can then be submitted (on a CD/DVD) before Dec 31, 2012.

Our advice is to send the application form immediately by email (details above) and then you can rest easy and have till the end of the year to submit your image.

more information and official website

You can get more information and details from their website here.

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